Checklists and information to prepare and prevent

Immune boosters, medical supplies, food & water, whānau plan.. there was a lot to do over summer and autumn! As we head into winter, it's worth getting your ducks in a row so here are some great links and suggestions to ensure you've got it sorted.

Readiness Checklist

Whānau plan

What to expect when self-isolating

Prepare your household

Disability resources

Early action by Wanaka Health Bridge

Be prepared for Covid-19

Simple list of household supplies


If you or someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, all of you must isolate for 7 days.

You can isolate in your home or suitable alternative accommodation. This could be another property that you have access to, or are provided, that is more suitable for self-isolation than where you usually live. 

  • If you need urgent medical help or cannot breathe properly, call 111 immediately. Tell them you have COVID-19 when you ring.
  • If you are a Household Contact (you live with someone who has tested positive). Whether you are fully vaccinated or not, you will need to:
    self-isolate from the day the person with COVID-19 tests positive or is notified as a probable case until they complete their 7 days of isolation. Get a test for COVID-19 on day 3, and on day 7 of the isolation period, or sooner if you develop symptoms. If you test positive, you need to start your 7 days of isolation and follow the guidance for people who have COVID-19.
    Be sure to Isolate for the full 7 days if you have covid - this helps to protect vulnerable people around you, and stops the spread. You do not need a test to leave isolation.


That you have enough of your own supplies to limit spread within your household including:

  • Food and water
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc)
  • Cutlery, cookware and plates
  • Medication levels and supply options


You will not be able to leave the boundary of your home if you are isolating

  • How might you keep yourself and your whanau entertained?
  • Who will walk your dog?
  • To wash your own laundry separate to others in your whare


When you test for covid via a Rapid Antigen Test remember to go online via My Covid record or call Covid health line and advise/record whether your test result was positive or negative.

Consider whether you need support with a number of things including:

  • Young children in your care
  • Accessing supplies
  • Health and wellbeing checks
  • Financial aid