I'm SICK, where can I get tested?

RAT Rapid Antigen (self) Test kits have become more readily available online and in store near you. Currently you can go online to the MOH Ministry of Health and order free test kits - once you are issued with a verification code you can collect your test kit from one of the 'collection' sites listed. 

Mangawhai Pharmacy is now a RAT collection site! If you are eligible for government supply of RAT tests you can order them from https://requestrats.covid19.health.nz/
or call 0800 222 478 (option 3) from 8am to 8pm. You will need to have access to a mobile phone to validate your order.

Remember DO NOT go into the pharmacy if you have covid, cold or flu-like symptoms, or send your household contacts (who should be isolating with you) into the pharmacy to get any items. Ask someone outside your household to do any shopping for you. 

Alternatively, you are welcome to phone the pharmacy on 094315057 or email mangawhaipharmacy@gmail.com - to let them know what you need, they can put together your covid care package for your helper to pick up.

RATs are unavailable to purchase from the pharmacy at the moment, we will update you when they become available.

I need to TRAVEL, where can I get tested?

Testing at the pharmacy is for domestic travel only,
anyone with symptoms will NOT be tested. 

Supervised Rapid Antigen Test for New Zealand Travel

This service is for people who are travelling within New Zealand and require evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result. The test must be done within the 72 hours prior to travel (preferably within 24 hours). See the Unite against COVID-19 website for more travel advice.

To get a supervised rapid antigen test for travel you must:
have no COVID-19 symptoms and be an unvaccinated domestic traveller over 12 years, travelling with a transport company that requires evidence of a negative test result.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or feel unwell you need to visit a COVID-19 testing site.
For more information about rapid antigen testing, view the Ministry of Health website.